The KPMG Difference

Together with KPMG’s support, we can restore agency to the lives of our program participants.


In partnership, we are aiming to raise funding to support the following initiatves:

  • $5,000: Expand the Tabita Sewing Collective to 20 members ($2,400)

  • $2,600: Support the Youth Farming Cooperative for an additional year, and help start a farming collective for young Congolese refugees living in Gihembe Refugee Camp ($1,600)

  • $1,000: Fund a “clean charcoal” enterprise in Mahama Camp ($1,000)

To stay updated on the progress of this fundraising campaign, check in on the thermometer and celebrate with us as we reach our goals and celebrate with our KPMG partners.

*Funding thermometer is updated on a daily basis by the REST Team.